poisonous plants to your dog or cat

Plants Poisonous To Pets

There are a number of common plants which may be toxic to dogs and cats and should be avoided. These include:

Arum Lily Autumn Crocus Australian Flame Tree Avocado Azalea Baneberry
Bird Of Paradise Bishop's Weed Black Laurel Black Locust Bleeding Heart
Bloodroot Bluebonnet Blue-Green Algae Boxwood Bracken Fern
Buckthorn Bulb Flowers Burdock Cacao Camel Bush
Caladium Calla Lily Cardinal Flower Chalice Cherry Tree
Chinaberry Tree Clematis Cocklebur Coffee Coral Plant
Coriander Dieffenbachia Elderberry Elephant Ear (Taro) Eucalyptus
Euonymus False Hellebore Flame Tree Felt Plant Firethorn
Heliotrope Hemlock Henbane Holly Honeysuckle
Horse Chestnut Horsetail Hydrangea English Ivy Jasmine
Jimsonweed Lantana Larkspur Lily Of The Valley Easter Lily
Lupine Marijuana Mandrake Mexican Poppy Milkweed
Vetch Yellow Jasmine Mistletoe Mock Orange Monkshood
Moonseed Morning Glory Mountain Laurel Mushrooms Nightshades
Oak Oleander Periwinkle Philodendron Pigweed
Poinciana Poinsettia Poison Ivy Poison Oak Pokeweed
Potato Shoots Privet Pyricantha Rain Tree Ranunculus (Buttercup)
Rape Red Maple Snowdrop Spurges Sweet Pea
Tansy Tobacco Wisteria Yews  

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